Monday, November 16, 2009

aLL ThE mOnEY iN thE wOrLD!!!

If I had all the money in world I would go shopping and buy everything I'v ever wanted to buy. I would have a huge house with all expensive fancy things in it. It would have everything! One of my wishes was to have a ton of horses and lots of land. Indoor arenas and famous barrel racers and bull riders coming to practice. Horse shows every weekend and fun games to play. I would adopt kids and families from countries that struggle so that they can have a better life. I would build a dog shelter on my land and have homeless and abused dogs come have a better life also. Although I would have a lot to myself I would also use it to help people and animals have a better life.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I love this picture because I love wild horses. They are the most beautiful gentle animal that has ever been created! I have this picture hanging up in my room. This picture is showing how wild horses roam together and take care of each other because thats the only thing they have left is each other. I also like this image because it's black and white and I love black and white pictures, there my favorite. Wild horses roam togeher in the fields of green and munch on lucious grass. They run free in the meadows with the mare leading the way to no where, with the stallion in the back protecting his precious mares. Until they find a spot to graze and settle down for the night and again repeat there ways as free as they can be.

Monday, November 2, 2009

StAy PoSiTiVe...

When you post something online or have a facebook or myspace you should never post or write something that you will regret. I have witnessed people put things on the internet that probably shouldn't have put on there. Having a positive digital footprint is very important when you put things on the internet. If you don't think you should put something on the internet you probably shouldn't. My digital footprint I would say is pretty good. I say that because I have said some not so good things before and put some personal information on a website before, which I have taken off now. Other than that I think mine is positive. Before I put something on a website I think about whether it's something the whole world could see or maybe its just something I would want to know. My parents have taught me how to be computer savvy, but for the most part I have taught myself what is wrong and right. When I register to a new website I put basic information on there, but not enough and nothing personal that someone could find where I live and stuff like that. I had found some info on me through google. I think anyone can find anything on anyone through google. It is a very popular website with a lot of information. So next time when you write something on the internet, be careful what you say or post on it....