Friday, May 28, 2010

End Of The Year

All together I have written 34 posts. Over all the post we've done there has been a little more than half that are school related. The others are my interests and what has been going on lately. I haven't had a whole lot of comments on my posts but I did have some. I had a total of eight comments and they were mostly my friends that say something. Most of my comments came from when I was talking about horses. Many of my friends have horses and we all them to death. They are the center of our world. I liked writing about Homecoming and being able to talk about where I live and my life in general. I enjoyed writing them then most because I love to write about things that are exciting in my life and having fun with the people I enjoy being around. It's a lot of fun to talk about what's happening in are little town of Seymour. I didn't really bother with changing my blog theme too much. I stayed with the same theme the whole year but I always messed with it to see what cool things I could come up with. I don't believe I had any widgets...sadly. I never really thought they would make my blog better. I probably should have had some on there for people to see but I didn't really take any interest in it. But it's the end of the year and I'm super excited for summer and I will probably still blog and keep everybody updated, because it's a lot of fun.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Really Awesome Bloggers

Earth Day was recently and a lot of people take part in it. Hilary from the United States thinks we need to do a better job with how we do things with the Earth. She strongly believes that we to help the Earth as much as we can, and continue to do so.

Cheyenne should also be nominated because she talks about interesnting things. She talks about the things that are important to her and all the memories she has had. I like the way she writes, and how she puts thing. It really brings out who she is and how her personality shows.

Brianna's blog has a lot posts. I can tell she has an outgoing personality and she likes to have fun with her writing. She talks about the what's important but also what she enjoys.

~*5$3s*~ She seems to know what she's talking about and I think she's a good writer. She enjoys talking about the Earth and going green.

Brandon- He has a very good blog about the Holocaust. He seems really interested in it and he know this stuff.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Creative Commons License

I think I could use a creative commons license. I would definalty have rules that would apply to certin things I create but other than that I would happily let people look at my ideas and if they have something that might make it better they could do it. If there was something I didn't want changed or have taken from me I could just tell them they couldn't for that specific thing. I think it would be nice to take my stuff have other people show it around and create new ideas for it.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Animal Farm

This video talks about the book Animal Farm by George Orwell. Animal Farm is a very famous book about the Russian Revolution. The book uses animals to give you a better understanding about how the revolution took place and what happened in it. By using animals on a farm it makes it more fun to read and make sense of the revolution itself. The video brings you through a quick overview about what happens in the book and how it ties in with the Russian Revolution.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Our Environment

Our environment is very important. So the things we do to help the environment are good. There are many ways to help the environment. For example I recycle my plastic bottles at home and at school. I try to use less electricity by turning off the lights when there not being used. I use less water and do the little things that make a big differene. I change my light bulbs to florecents. Everything we do to help our environment with help Earth to become clean and healthy again. We should really try to find some other things to do so that were not polluting the air as much. It would make a big difference in the end.

Blogging Challenge

Monday, March 15, 2010

Seymour, Wisconsin

I live in the United States. Wisconsin is the state, and in Wisconsin there's a little town called Seymour. There is approximatly 1,216 people that live here, according to the census in 2000. We here in Wisonsin have the wonderful seasons of winter,spring,fall and summer. We have just finish winter and spring is on its way. I love are little town. Seymour is a average town, its not real big, but its not really all that small either. Living here is a great way to know your community. It's a very friendly town and everyone knows everyone. If you ever came to vistit Wisconsin, you would see a whole lot of open land and farms. You would see big cities and countryside. Were not a state to be just one thing in particular, were everything mixed. Wisconsin is a great state and if you ever get a chance to visit it, do it.


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