Tuesday, February 23, 2010


If I could learn about anything I would learn about barrel racing. I have always wanted to barrel race in competiton. I do barrel race in the summer, but its always just for fun. You have to have adrenaline and a lot of heart to barrel race and win. I know of friends that barrel race and they say it takes a lot of practice and you have to stick with it. I would love be in a competiton just to feel the rush of turning sharp around the barrels and the crowd cheering. I believe its more of a dream. But if I could learn about the rules and about all the famous barrel racers out there, that would be awesome. Maybe one day I'll sit back and research about it, and see what I can find


As I was searching I found Apture to be very interesting. Apture is mainly for presentations and research. This website is TOTALLY FREE! You can look up information about a certin topic while watching a youtube video about it at the same time, and looking at a slideshow also. It can be used for a school project or presentation. Just by looking at what it has to offer it looks very helpful in getting information about a certin thing.

Monday, February 15, 2010


After writing for two months I think I have gotten better. I think I have grown as a writer. I have learned a lot. Sometimes It can be difficult when I get stuck and don't understand. For the most part I think I am a good writer. My mom is witing a book and I believe I have it in me. I'm good at writing fictional stories because I love to make stuff up. I think its fun. I struggle with writing non-finctional stories, I don't like them so therefore I'm not good at writing them.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dublin, Ireland

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I picked Ireland because I dream of going there someday. I'm fifty-seven percent Irish so I would like to go there and see how their culture is. Plus I love their accent! There land is very country like and very pretty. Most of it is all grass land. If I were to talk to someone from there I would ask them if they like living there. I would also ask them what they do for fun and how they live.