Thursday, September 24, 2009

HoMeCoMiNg 2009

I can't wait for homecoming!! Its so much fun getting together with all your friends and getting RoWdY AnD WiLd!! lol The game is tomorrow and were gonna kick some butt! Then the dance is on Saturday and then its time to get HoPpIn' On ThE DaNcE FlOor with your pretty dress and high heels on! Its definatly something to get ExCiTeD about! It only comes once a year so you have to make it SpeCiAl in some way!! All I can say is I'M ReaDy To GeT PuMpEd aNd ChEeR FoR tHe TeAm I LoVe!!! <3

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I think blogging is a lot of fun and gives you the advantage to meet new people out of your area. It gives you new ideas and creativity. I've never had a blog or never thought about making one but now that i made one I think i should have made one before. I really like blogging about different topics and upcoming events. I also like just messing around with it and seeing what I can change about it and make it more me. :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


My summer was a lot of fun! I hung out with my friends and family most of the time. My favorite memories from this summer is floating down the river with friends and having a good time. Another was the fair. I went everyday and when night came i danced like crazy to my favorite songs! I love country music and nothing else. School is going good and i hope i do good this year because its important to me. My best friend is Brandy. She is actually my dog but she's been with me since i was eight and i love her to death! She has got me through so much!!