Monday, March 15, 2010

Seymour, Wisconsin

I live in the United States. Wisconsin is the state, and in Wisconsin there's a little town called Seymour. There is approximatly 1,216 people that live here, according to the census in 2000. We here in Wisonsin have the wonderful seasons of winter,spring,fall and summer. We have just finish winter and spring is on its way. I love are little town. Seymour is a average town, its not real big, but its not really all that small either. Living here is a great way to know your community. It's a very friendly town and everyone knows everyone. If you ever came to vistit Wisconsin, you would see a whole lot of open land and farms. You would see big cities and countryside. Were not a state to be just one thing in particular, were everything mixed. Wisconsin is a great state and if you ever get a chance to visit it, do it.

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